30844 Industrial Rd
Livonia, MI 48150

About Us

_DSC0233_scaledFounded in 1950 by Ben Burton, Tru-Line Metal Products has been family owned and operated in Michigan for over 60 years.

When founded, Tru-Line first began operations with two small shops in Detroit.  One was located on Glendale Street and the other on Auburn.  The building sizes at these two locations were so small, that in order to stock the machines up, operators would have to open the windows, feed the bar stock through the window and into the machines.  Tru-Line grew so large, that in the spring/summer of 1973, operations were moved to our current location in Livonia.  Since then, Tru-Line has opened up 3 other facilities in order to keep up with production time and also the demand from our customers.